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Prime Appearance provides OEMs the finest in painting and placarding services and utilizes state of the art materials to allow for a superior finish as well as unsurpassed durability and corrosion control. We also understand that in aviation, time is valuable. We can complete your painting work with minimal downtime and no sacrifice of quality. Painting services available at select locations. 


Our team can provide OEMs with a wide range of aircraft painting services including:

  • Paint stripping services
  • Exterior paint touch-ups
  • Replacement of existing markings or application of new ones
  • Erosion boot and tape installation on radome, pylon leading edges, antennas and more
  • Application of no-slip painted coating to wing walks, ladders and other required areas
  • Restoration of worn cockpit panels with cockpit paint touch-ups to nicks, scratches
  • Restoration of color to worn, engraved markings
  • Removal or replacement of temporary or permanent registration markings   
  • Removal or installation of temporary or permanent logo markings and graphics